The Board of Directors of Beginning Again Richmond Hill wishes to acknowledge the contribution over the years made by the more than 350 loyal and hardworking volunteers.  Whether it was sorting, pricing or working at the cash register, volunteers were vital in helping our shop make a difference in the community. New skills were learned, friendships made and laughs shared.

As a self sustaining social enterprise Treasures Charity Thrift Store depends on volunteers to work in the retail thrift store. Treasures is looking for volunteers with a discerning eye and lots of shopping experience to help sort, price and display donations. Mature and responsible individuals who can work independently are needed at Treasures both in the store and behind the scenes. Knowledge of vintage and collectible items is helpful. Every volunteer shift is different – it’s never dull. Openings are available for greeters, cashiers, people to sort and price donated items such as clothes, home decor, electronics,books and recycling. Volunteering opportunities also include positions on the Board of Directors and as job coaches for the Work Experience Program.

Whether you have a couple of hours a week or a few days a month Treasures has a schedule that works for you.  The volunteers from the community say that volunteering at Treasures has enriched their lives in many ways.


When asked why they volunteer people often state it is because they enjoy the volunteering they do, are learning new skills, are giving back to the community, feel good about themselves through their volunteering and are having fun. Many believe that they have gained by being more knowledgeable about mental health and mental illness.
Our volunteers come from all walks of life: men, women, students, people who are retired, working full or part time, people with disabilities, people preparing to re-enter the work force and new Canadians. Why not join them and make volunteering your gift to the community?


In addition to regular volunteer positions in the thrift store for community members,  Treasures also offers a unique opportunity for individuals  living with mental health issues who are at a stage in their recovery where they are ready to reintegrate with the community and participate in a volunteer Work Experience Program.  This volunteer Work Experience Program gives program participants an opportunity to work alongside volunteer job coaches from the community in all aspects of the store’s operation. Our program participants, while engaged in meaningful and useful work, are able to gain new skills, find peer support and build relationships interacting with co-workers and customers.

Participation in the Work Experience Program provides many individuals dealing with mental illness with a path to recovery enabling them to set their own goals, re-build their confidence, gain a sense of purpose, and enrich their quality of life.


    • All potential volunteers are asked to fill out an application and arrange for an interview.
    • Applications may be downloaded from this website or picked up in person at the store.
    • Store hours are Monday to Friday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and Saturday 11:00am to 4:00pm.
    • Generally there are morning and afternoon volunteer shifts in the thrift store from 9:50 am to 1:30 pm or 1:20pm to 5:15 pm however there is lots of flexibiliy
    • Treasures is located in Richmond Hill at 12 Levendale Road running west off Yonge Street between Major Mackenzie and Elgin Mills.
    • Call, email or drop by the store for more information.