Volunteer Stories


Volunteer Story

My name is Anna,

I have suffered from depression and Anxiety disorder from the age of thirteen due to a childhood trauma. I have been on medication for this most of my life; it affected me sometimes to the point of being in hospital as the depression and the anxiety become worse with certain events that happened throughout my life.

Our move to Richmond Hill in December 2004 changed my life for the better in so many ways. I found a Second Hand Store called Treasures; unfortunely it was closed at the time for Christmas holidays. I waited until it was opened and my husband and I went in and looked around I bought a painting that I still have for $1.00, I love that painting. David and I started to donate records and things that we no longer needed and asked if they needed volunteers, they said yes.

I started working at Treasures in April of 2004 and the experience and friends I have made will be with me all of my life. I started to open up about myself when I found out that I wasn’t alone with my problems, I didn’t feel embarrassed or ashamed of myself. These years at Treasures have made me understand that no one should be embarrassed about Mental Health issues, that if you verbalize your feelings it’s not so bad and that I wasn’t alone, I had so much support and a great deal of love from all the volunteers. I got so much back for the things that I love to do.

Treasures has given me the opportunity to do what I discovered I love doing sorting thorough piles of donations to find that one little or big treasure.


Volunteer Story

I was introduced to Treasures a few years ago as a transition from a hospital program to being out in the community. When I first came to Treasures I was very quiet and shy. I was so anxious that I often went home before my shift was over.

As time went on I began to feel more and more comfortable. I started out in the basement sorting donations. Now I have enough self confidence that I work at the front of the store on cash.

Everyone at Treasures, the customers and the volunteers, are so nice and fun to be around. I look forward to my days there. I feel like I am making a valuable contribution.


Customer Story

Treasures is a magical store. Whenever I need a particular item I just keep visiting Treasures on a regular basis and sooner or later I find it there.

I am amazed how many times an item will appear there that is exactly what I need, it could not be more perfect.

It’s downright spooky if you ask me.