Auction Rules


The auction items are on display in a locked case for safety and security. Occasionally items, such as pieces of artwork, are too large for the display case and are displayed in the store.

Each auction item is described in a complete and accurate manner on its own “Bid Sheet”. The description will be as detailed as possible and will always note any damage or missing documentation.
All bidders must be 18 years of age or older. Each box on the Bid Sheet must be completed including bidder’s name legibly printed, phone number, the date and time of bid, and the bid amount.
Every bid must be initialled by the On-duty Supervisor or Manager.
All new bids, in order to be valid, must be higher than the previous bid by least the minimum raise.
Bids up to $50 must be raised by a minimum of $1 from the previous bid
Bids from $50 to $100 must be raised in increments of $5
Bids over $100 must be raised in increments of $10
When an item has no further bids for FIVE (5) business days, it will be sold to the highest bidder. Treasures may choose to set a Reserve Price for any auction item. This will be clearly indicated on the Bid Sheet. The Reserve Price amount will be noted once it has been met in the bidding process
The winning bidder will be notified by telephone and will have FOUR (4) business days to complete the purchase transaction.