Vision & Mission


We envision an inclusive community that values human dignity, promotes emotional well being, and is dedicated to supporting mental health and wellness for all.

Beginning Again Richmond Hill  will be a recognized leader in York Region in creativelty responding to the mental health needs of people through participation in a community enterprise. Operating as Treasures Charity Thrift Store we provide vocational opportunities and social supports for individuals with mental illness in a place where people enrich each other’s lives. Treasures reflects our diverse and changing community.

Guiding Principles
At Treasures Charity Thrift Store we believe:
1. All people are valuable no matter what their current abilities and limitations and are deserving of respect and recognition that everyone has something of value to contribute.
2. Retail sales work is socially valued work.
3. The Mental Health Recovery process is encouraged in an environment that provides meaningful and valued work.
4. Individuals are encouraged to grow in a supportive, accepting, understanding and friendly environment.
5. Empowerment and Inclusion increase the capacity of individuals and groups to make informed choices and decisions that affect them and helps transform their choices into actions and successful outcomes.
6. Community Awareness through Information and Knowledgehelps reduce the stigma associated with mental illness and helps to encourage those in need of treatment and support to get it.
7. Resilience and Recovery are possible.
8. Respect for the Diversity, Integrity, Dignity, Cultures and Beliefs of all individuals regardless of individual differences strengthens us all.
9. Re-investment of the proceeds from sales back into the store benefits the whole community where people of all backgrounds can gather to develop skills, engage in meaningful relationships and to shop.
10. An alternative shopping experience can be affordable, accessible and environmentally responsible.