Let`s Talk About Mental Health

by MThompson on January 31, 2014


January 28, 2014 is Let`s Talk About Mental Health Day.  At Treasures mental health is a part of our everyday conversation. Mental illness touches every Canadian at some point in their lives.  Too often people living with mental illness do not speak up or seek the help they need for fear of stigma and discrimination. Stigma is a reality for people living with a mental illness, and they report that how others judge them is one of the greatest barriers to a complete and satisfying life.  Those with a serious mental illness face the highest degree of stigmatization in the workplace, and the greatest barriers to employment.

Productive work has been identified as a leading component in promoting positive mental health and in paving the way for a rich and fulfilling life in the community.  Treasures offers meaningful work opportunities in our retail store. Treasures promotes community interest and participation in activities that aid individuals recovering from Mental Illness.   Providing education about mental illness and information on local resources is a crucial step in dispelling stigma.


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